23 April 2019
Proposed Fees and Charges 2019/20
A reminder to have your say on the proposed Fees and Charges 2019/20 by 5pm, 6 May 2019.  The Statement of Proposal (including submission form) can be viewed online at:  www.waitomo.govt.nz/haveyoursay
Alternatively collect a printed copy from the WDC Office, Queen Street Te Kuiti and at the Waitomo District Library, 28 Taupiri Street Te Kuiti.
In New Zealand, civil defence emergencies are managed using an integrated approach known as the ‘4 Rs’; Reduction, readiness, response, and recovery.  Here are some examples:

 involves identifying and analysing risks to life and property from hazardslike earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, coastal hazards, floods, drought, pandemics, infrastructure failures, etc.  And taking steps to eliminate the risk if possible, and, if not, reducing the extent of their impact.  For WDC this includes things like not allowing new buildings in designated flood or erosion zones.  Issuing water restrictions helps to conserve water when river levels drop due to dry weather conditions, or when demand for water increases.  At home, simple actions like securing furniture using brackets, and securing a trampoline for high winds can reduce the possibility of further damage or injury.  In many cases, we already undertake reduction activities.
READINESS: involves developing systems and capabilities before an emergency happens, including self-help and response programmes for the general public about what to do during an event.  Readiness is about being able to quickly implement a contingency plan to help lessen the impact.   The rural community, advisors, and suppliers already undertake this by planning for the availability of stock food, in the event that drought conditions eventuate.  The Ministry of Health and District Health Boards have put plans in place for pandemic/flu viruses.  WDC participate in Emergency Management training so we are ready to establish the Emergency Operations Centre for our district. 

​​​​​​​RESPONSE:  uses the knowledge and resources that we have gained preparing for an emergency to decide on actions to take immediately before, during, or directly after – to save lives and property, and to help communities recover.  Experience from major events around the world have shown time and again that the consequence of an emergency can be reduced if homes, businesses, and organisations are prepared to respond.

RECOVERY: is about discussing and planning (now) for the best way to pick up the pieces after an event.  A coordinated approach to recovery will mean our community is well-placed to recover from an emergency and this will go a long way to reduce the long-term impacts. The workshops that we will hold will cover the five sectors of, Economic, Natural, Built, Social and Rural, and identify and clarify what direction we as a community need to take and how we will do that.  More information about the workshops will be shared over the coming weeks.
Something to think about:  with so much of our connectivity reliant on the mobile phone or internet, its important to discuss what you would do if technologywasn’tavailable and you couldn’taccess your texts, emails, eftpos, entertainment or Google a map?
WDC Service Information – ANZAC Day Thursday 25th April
Waitomo District Council Office will be closed. For After Hours Service please phone 0800 WDC HELP (0800 932 4357).
  • Te Kuiti Visitor Information Centre i-SITE is open 10am to 2pm.
  • Waitomo District Aquatic Centre is open 1 pm to 5 pm.
  • Waitomo District Landfill is open 1 pm to 4 pm.
  • Waitomo District Library is closed on ANZAC Day.
Creative Communities Funding Scheme
Applications are now open for the Creative Communities Funding Scheme.  Individuals, groups or organisations which support and encourage creativity and opportunities to participate in arts activities are invited to apply by Wednesday 1st May 2019.

Before you prepare your application please read the Creative Communities Scheme Application Guide available on our website.

Alternatively please contact the Customer Services Team on 07 878 0800 or email info@waitomo.govt.nz
ANZAC Day Thursday 25 April 2019
Members of the public and service organisations are invited to attend the ANZAC Memorial Dawn Service at the Marae, Awakino Road, Te Kuiti. The itinerary for the service will be as follows:

5.45am – Attendees will assemble at the Awakino Road entranceway and wait to be called onto the Marae 
Attendees will then move to the Memorial Monument on the Marae where the ceremony will take place

6.00am – ANZAC Memorial Service
A light breakfast will be provided to attendees following the Service

Members of the public and service organisations are invited to attend the ANZAC memorial service which will be held at the Les Munro Centre, King Street East, Te Kuiti.  The program is:

7.00am – Parade to assemble at The Lines Company, corner of King Street East and Taupiri Streets, Te Kuiti

7.15am – March from The Lines Company to the Les Munro Centre

7.30am – ANZAC Service at the Les Munro Centre followed by wreath laying at the Cenotaph

Attendees not participating in the parade are requested to be seated in the Les Munro Centre by 7.20am. Service organisations, guiding and cub members, and members of the public are invited to join the parade.  Please assemble behind the RSA contingent.

Te Kuiti ANZAC Day Service enquiries to Waitomo District Council (Phone 878 0800)

The organisers of this year’s Piopio ANZAC Day parade and service would like to invite all local service organisations and members of the public to join the Returned Servicemen of the Piopio District for the 2019 ANZAC Day Memorial Service.  The program is:

10.45am – Assemble at St John Building, Moa Street, Piopio

11.00am – March from St John Building to Cenotaph at Piopio War
Memorial Hall followed by the ANZAC Service and wreath laying
Tea and Coffee will be available to attendees following the service.  All are welcome to participate in both the parade and service.  Members of the public are also invited to bring wreaths to lay at the Cenotaph as part of the proceedings.

Piopio ANZAC Day Service enquiries to Jenny (Phone 877 8033)

The organisers of this year’s Awakino ANZAC Day service would like to invite all local service organisations and members of the public to join the Returned Servicemen of Awakino and the surrounding District for the 2019 ANZAC Day memorial service.

11.00am – ANZAC Service at the Awakino Hall, Briscoe Street, Awakino 
A light luncheon will be available to attendees following the service
Awakino ANZAC Day Service enquiries to Dorothy Lowry (Phone 06 752 9123)
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