27 August 2019
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A Circular Economy Makes the World Go Round
What is a circular economy?
A circular economy is based on the idea of keeping resources in use for as long as possible through reuse and regeneration of new products, rather than continuously extracting more resources from nature and generating waste that ends up in landfill.  For example, a “circular” phone would be designed for disassembly at the end of use. It would be made with approved materials that can be safely re-used in another phone or product.

How do we achieve this?
Manufacturers will need to start thinking about the full lifecycle of their products, including end-of-life considerations such as:
  • Will the product last for many years? If it breaks, can it be easily fixed?
  • Can the components be easily separated for reuse or recycling at the end of use and what secondary uses exist for the materials?
A true circular economy approach means looking at the whole supply chain, and this means suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers all need to work together.

The New Zealand Story
New Zealand is already moving towards a circular economy approach, with many businesses starting to make positive changes. The Government is currently looking to declare six product groups (that can create harm at end of life) as “priority products”, that will require regulated product stewardship. These products include tyres, electrical and electronics, agrichemicals, refrigerants and other synthetic greenhouse gases, farm plastics, and packaging. Regulatory product stewardship would make producers responsible for the problematic products at the end of life. This would ensure the costs of proper waste management are paid by producers and consumers.
To learn more about product stewardship and to have your say on the government’s proposals visit: www.mfe.govt.nz/consultations/priorityproducts

Achieving a Waste-free Waitomo
Here in the Waitomo, we are working towards minimising our waste going into landfill. 

Although items are being diverted from the waste stream and recycled as much as possible (including things like whiteware and e-waste), a percentage of glass, paper/cardboard, and plastics end up in rubbish bags destined for landfill.  Also, according to our recent waste audit, rubbish bags contain around 40% organic matter, that can be easily composted at home! Our main focus this financial year will be on education and coming up with initiatives to reduce these types of wastes from ending up in the landfill.

Help us on our way to a Waste-free Waitomo by doing your bit and recycling right! For tips and tricks visit: www.waitomo.govt.nz/recyclingguides​​​​​​​
Funding and Grants opportunities now available! ​​​​​​​
We encourage community clubs, groups and organisations to consider making an application for community funding.  Application forms and further information is available on our website or by contacting our Customer Services Team.
Discretionary Grants September Funding Round
The focus of the Discretionary Grants Fund is in providing community assistance for the ‘not for profit’ sector in order to create a strong social base and meet local needs.  Community clubs, groups and organisations operating within the Waitomo District on a not-for-profit basis may be eligible to apply.  Applications close 5pm, Monday 2nd September 2019.

Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund
We are inviting rural school teams and sporting groups to apply for financial assistance through the Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund.   The fund is designed to help subsidise rural travel for junior teams aged between 5-19 years. It helps school and club sports teams participate in local sporting competitions.  Please Note: The Rural Travel Fund is not for the purpose of travel to regional or national events or available for individual athletes or players.  There is a fund pool of $9,100 available for distribution. Applications close at 5pm Tuesday 1st October 2019.

Community Partnership Fund
Waitomo District Council invites community based groups to make application for financial assistance through the Community Partnership Fund.  The fund aims to “help our community help itself” by offering funding to support groups in developing new community initiatives. Of particular interest to WDC are projects and initiatives that have strong links to Vibrant Safe Waitomo (Safe Communities).  These could include but are not limited to:
  • Violence Prevention
  • Education and Employment
  • Home and Safety
  • Crime Prevention
  • Drug and Alcohol Harm Reduction
This funding is the only funding pool provided by the Waitomo District Council that can be allocated to projects of a capital nature.

There is a fund pool of $51,000 available for distribution. Applications close 5.00pm Tuesday 1st October 2019.
Voting papers will be sent out from 20 September 2019 and must be received by the council before midday on Election Day, 12 October 2019.
For more info visit www.waitomo.govt.nz/vote2019