Reduce, reuse, recycle tips for the holiday season


  • Give memories as a gift, like a ticket to a summer concert, activity or experience!
  • Send an electronic Christmas card.
  • Wrap your presents in reusable bags.
  • Use a Christmas stocking or recycled paper when wrapping smaller presents.
  • Look for present options with no packaging.
  • Avoid food waste by making a meal plan and buying only what you need.
  • Use left-overs for breakfast the next day.


  • Cut up old Christmas cards to use as gift tags for presents.
  • Save wrapping paper, ribbons and gift bags to use again.
  • Make a gift using items around the house, up-cycle a piece of furniture or bake Christmas treats.
  • Grow your own native Christmas tree ready for December each year.
  • Get into the Christmas spirit by donating unwanted toys or drop them into the
  • Recycle shop at Waitomo District Landfill.


  • Recycle your glass, cans and plastic bottles in your green bin during the festive season.
  • Large volumes can be recycled at the Waitomo District Landfill.
  • Separate cardboard packaging for recycling or re-using.
  • Put paper or cards (no glitter or foil) in your green bin for collection.
  • Fruit and vegetable peelings left over from your festive fare can be composted or put in your worm farm if you have one.
  • Donate clean, unwanted clothing to friends, neighbours or a charity store near you.

Reduce, reuse, recycle tips for the holiday season